Sunday, September 22, 2013

Peacock cake

One of my best friends in world was graduating from her degree program this week - and I just had to make her this!

It's one of her favorite animals and just like her - colorful, striking and singularly unique! Love you friend and hope you all love this cake!!

If you live in the Vancouver WA/ Portland OR area and are looking for a unique cake for your next event send me a message!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baby Shower Cake!

Whew - its been a couple weeks since I've updated my blog!  I actually did a big cupcake order for a friend but FORGOT to take photos of the cupcakes - lol.

But not to worry I have LOTS of pictures of this one :)

I did this cake for my neighbor.  One of her family members is having a baby so she asked if I could do this great cake for the shower.

Thank you Youtube for giving me the tip to stuff my 3-D fondant figures with tissue overnight so retain the shape :)  I was able to get the cap and the baby shoe done this way and I love how they turned out! Whaddya' you think?