Monday, November 11, 2013

Groovy Baby, Yeah!

So I recently was in a production of Godspell.  For our opening night I donated this fabulous cake for a raffle prize.  It was absolutely a blast to make.  Tye-dyed fondant is so FUN to make!

I meant to snap a few more pics of this cake on location but it didn't happen.  Here are a few pics I did manage to get at home before l took it in :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Theater / Drama Masks Cake

As promised, I am taking some time to update my blog!  October was an absolute whirlwind - and I'm looking forward to some more quiet evenings at home decorating some yummy cakes!

Here is one I did for a friend's birthday.  This friend has been in the theater for many years and his wife wanted to celebrate that.  She did this amazing collage of all the shows he had been in over the years and commissioned me to make a theatrical cake.

I have 'walked the boards' with this friend over the years and was tickled to be able to help make his night fun! 

I used an edible 'spray paint' to achieve the gold and silver and marbled the fondant to create the wood effects for the floorboards. The masks were handmade out of fondant and the curtains are a fondant drape.  I absolutely love how this cake turned out!!

If you live in the Portland OR / Vancouver WA area and are looking for a special cake for your next occasion - message me!